Getting Ready for School

Starting school can be a very nerve-wracking time for both children and their parents. It’s natural for children to feel hesitant about going somewhere new and being around people they’ve never met before and similarly, it’s natural for you to feel a little scared too.

To help make the process a little easier (and less scary) for you both, we’ve come up with some top tips on how to get ready for school.

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Starting school can be a little scary but follow our tips below and you can turn it into an exciting thing for your little one.

Read a book about starting school

Many parents find their children are more excited and less nervous about starting school after they’ve heard a story about it. Reading a book about starting school will give your child something to relate to and they’ll see it’s not so scary after all.

Let your child know what’s going on

Many children feel comforted by knowing exactly what’s going on and what’s expected for them. Start by talking about what the school day will be like. Let your little one know what time school begins and ends each day and talk to them about the type of activities they’ll be doing.

It’s likely your child will have a lot of questions, so spend time answering them the best you can. Make sure they know that it’s okay to feel nervous and that all of the other children will feel exactly the same.

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Take your child for a visit

See if you can go and visit your child’s infant school with them and meet their teacher.

Most infant schools let children pay a visit with their parents before they actually start. This gives them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the classroom and meet their new teacher for the first time. Taking your child for a visit may help to calm their nerves about starting school, as they’ll see it’s a fun place to be, rather than somewhere unpleasant.

Go on a special getting ready for school trip

Plan a fun day out with your child that involves getting everything they’ll need for school i.e. their uniform, lunch box, new shoes, a coat and maybe even some stationery. Turn it into an exciting adventure and they’ll feel even more positive about starting school.

Let your child know you’re there for them

It is common for children to worry about going to school, as you’re not going to be there with them. Comfort them by letting them know that if they have any problems, you’ll be there to help solve them and that their teacher is there to look after them too.

Meet up with other children

Sometimes it’ll help if your child already has a friend before they start school. If you know someone who is starting at the same time, perhaps see if you can arrange a play date. It is also helpful if your little one has a friend who has already started at the same school, perhaps someone they met at nursery.

Take them to nursery

Making new friends, being away from you and being in a new environment can be pretty daunting for your child but the sooner they get used to it all, the easier it will be when it comes to starting school.

This is why it is recommended that children go to nursery before they start school. It gives them the opportunity to develop their skills and learn to have a little more independence, something that will greatly benefit them when it comes to starting school.

So there we have our top tips for getting your little one ready to start school. As the parent, it’s up to you to be brave (at least until you’re back in the car after waving goodbye). A few tears are completely natural but just know that your little one will be absolutely fine. The happier and more positive you are about them starting school, the happier they’ll feel too!

Written by Carly Garrett

Image Credits: Cubwolf and The-E