Hurray for Cookery Thursdays

Teaching children to cook

Teaching children to cook helps prepare them for the future. Giving them these skills may help prevent them from getting stuck when they need to cook their own food. Teaching children to cook is a powerful learning experience, yet children do not necessarily feel like they’re learning anything major. After all, learning to cook can be a lot of fun. The lessons are big. They gain a better idea of the fact that food does not just come from the fridge or cupboard!

It’s nearly impossible to cook without doing some mathematics. Whether you’re cutting a whole recipe in half or just measuring out cups of flour, it’s a great way to give children a jump-start on mathematic skills. Cooking may help children see that mathematics has a practical application in the real world.

We are sure you have heard all about child obesity in the press! Teaching children to cook encompasses such vital information such as nutrition and food preparation.

For instance, if they are not taught proper cooking skills, Learning to cook, they can pick up important information and skills, such as as nutritional control and pick good healthy eating ideas and habits.

As children learn to cook, they are learning a powerful tool to take control of their own health. It’s been said that ‘your food can be your medicine’, and if children learn how to prepare foods, they can give their body what it needs nutritionally, both now and in the future.DSC00298